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ANZ OpenShift Meetups

OpenShift Meetups Across Australia & New Zealand

Look forward to meeting fellow ANZ based OpenShift aficionados in a city near you. Upcoming events summarised below. Contact me or the relevant Meetup chapter if you have speaking slot suggestions or sponsorship interest.

Upcoming Events

Meetup Date Topic
Sydney OpenShift Meetup/ 10-AUG-2017 Agile Integration with OpenShift
Melbourne Kubernetes Meetup/ 15-AUG-2017 Agile Integration with Apache Camel microservices in containers on Kubernetes
Wellington OpenShift Meetup/ 17-AUG-2017 Agile Integration with OpenShift
Perth OpenShift Meetup/ 22-AUG-2017 DevOps with OpenShift

Previous Events

Meetup Date Topic
Sydney OpenShift Meetup/ 30-MAY-2017 Triple Treat – Summit/APM/Public-Cloud
Melbourne OpenShift Meetup/ 8-JUN-2017 Triple Treat – Summit/APM/Public-Cloud
Brisbane OpenShift Meetup/ 14-JUN-2017 Triple Treat – Summit/APM/Public-Cloud
Adelaide OpenShift Meetup/ 21-MAR-2017 DevOps with OpenShift
Auckland OpenShift Meetup/ 28-MAR-2017 DevOps with OpenShift
Brisbane OpenShift Meetup/ 16-MAR-2017 DevOps with OpenShift
Canberra OpenShift Meetup/ 13-FEB-2017 DevOps with OpenShift
Melbourne OpenShift Meetup 31-JAN-2017 DevOps with OpenShift
Sydney OpenShift Meetup/ 08-FEB-2017 DevOps with OpenShift
Wellington OpenShift Meetup/ 30-MAR-2017 DevOps with OpenShift

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