Welcome! My name is Stefano Picozzi and I live in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been working in the Software Industry for a while now. Since 2012,  my technical specialisation has been in the field of container management platforms (Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift).

Readers will find here a wide range of technical tutorials, tips and tricks that I have accumulated along the way. Topics such as containers, Kubernetes/OpenShift, data sciences, R, machine learning and more.

My current technical research focus is on operationalising machine learning (MLOps). The use of OpenShift/Kubernetes for managing the lifecycle of performance sensitive applications.

I take a brain and behaviour based science view to organisational change and technology adoption. So in addition to the technical content, you will discover posts on strategies and tools for creating the conditions for positive change. And that’s the origin for the blog title.

emergile. Agility is an emergent property. Whether it be people trying to respond more flexibly to life’s challenges or organisations striving to adapt to their environment. Conversely, agile methods can nudge the emergence of desirable outcomes. The change architect designs interventions that create the conditions that reinforce better decisions. Choices aligned with positive individual self-interest and social benefit.

Peace out.

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