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Narrative Workshop

Preamble Want to wow your clients at your next workshop? Then read on for a workshop-on-workshops! You will learn how to facilitate a workshop that drives change and then walk away with a simple and reusable framework that emerged from DevOps project experience. Introduction The team’s been formed, they’ve been storming, so let’s start norming. Presented here … Continue reading


Neural Improvement?

Preamble This is an essay on how neuroscience informed approaches to change management can be of relevance to the field of business process improvement. The content is extensively referenced so as to provide helpful markers to those interested in further research along these lines. Introduction Sydney, June 28, 2011.  First day of the Process Excellence … Continue reading



Welcome. My name is Stefano Picozzi. This blog contains reflections on my experience working in Enterprise Software which began back when 4GLs and RDBMSs were regarded as the new, new thing. My expertise is technical presales so I am often called upon to help clients through some kind of transformation process that involves the adoption … Continue reading