Containers As Code
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Containers As Code

Introduction The growing interest in DevOps shines a spotlight on how organisations are approaching automation. This matters because automation tooling represents a significant investment decision. When not done well, automation efforts can potentially result in the accumulation of considerable technical debt. Moreover, tooling that is complex to operate may be inaccessible to many of participants … Continue reading

Drools Rules Rsynchronicity
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Drools Rules Rsynchronicity

Overview This post continues experimenting with the sample application known as Weightwatcher to showcase a number of new technologies and techniques including: The all-in-one Vagrant image for OpenShift 3 The OpenShift Origin 3 oc rsync feature Drools 6.3.0.FINAL KIE Execution Server (Decision Server) A method for rule life cycle management with Containers Drools 6.3.0.FINAL The Drools KIE … Continue reading

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Narrative Workshop

Preamble Want to wow your clients at your next workshop? Then read on for a workshop-on-workshops! You will learn how to facilitate a workshop that drives change and then walk away with a simple and reusable framework that emerged from DevOps project experience. Introduction The team’s been formed, they’ve been storming, so let’s start norming. Presented here … Continue reading

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Summary This post presents a cost modelling approach by which to compare private versus public platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Cloud delivery platforms. An R based script is supplied which can be downloaded and customised to generate a cost-comparison graph. Background Service delivery platforms built according to Cloud architecture principles are becoming the dominant platform pattern. Compound percentage … Continue reading